Lawn Mowing
One of the most important things of lawn mowing services is to ensure the right equipment is used and well maintained. Many lawns are different and need to be cut at the appropriate height. By cutting too low, it may impact on root development and prevent you from having the lush green lawn you have always wanted.

Another important aspect of maintaining a beautiful lawn is fertilising. Fertilising several times a year will keep your lawn healthy.When done correctly and with the right quantities, your lawn will look great.

Last but not least, watering. Different grasses will need different watering requirements. Some basic points are:

  • Watering during the coolest part of the day. Morning is often the best, before 9am or after 6pm.
  • Most lawns will require watering from October through to the end of summer.
With our flexible schedules and eagerness to serve you, we could have your lawn looking great in no time! Our prices depend on the size of your lawn area and how long the job is expected to take! Our experience and quality equipment ensure that we will be able to achieve an outstanding result and get your lawns looking their best. We will achieve this through outstanding customer service, reliability and all at very affordable prices.

** For All NEW regular customers a FREE fertilise and wetting agent application to give your lawn roots the best chance to thrive.