It’s Spring Time and it’s time to Vertimow!

Vertimowing is the process to remove excessive lawn thatch that collects near the surface of a lawn. Thatch can prevent up to 75% of water that is applied to a lawn ever reaching the root system. A thatched lawn will also suffer from having a scarred appearance when it is mowed.

The causes of lawn thatch:
  • Excessive watering
  • Over-fertilising
  • Cutting too high in summer
  • Not mowing enough
The benefits of Vertimowing:
  • Alleviates Compaction
  • Aerates
  • Improves Drainage
  • Eliminates a breeding place for pests, fungus and diseases
  • Improves Water & Nutrient Penetration
  • Removes Surface Sponginess
  • Removes Thatch from the Top Surface and Sub Surface
  • Achieves a Firmer, Greener, Healthier Lawn with an even surface
When can Vertimowing be done?

Vertimowing is done any time during the growing season of the lawn. Generally Spring is the start of the growing season. Vertimowing at this time and the lawn will regrow very quickly, to give you a lush green lawn for the rest of the mowing period. The arrival of watering restrictions will not deter the regrowth of your vertimowed lawn as it only requires two watering days per week to bring it back to full colour.

Can all lawns be vertimowed?

Yes, all lawns can be vertimowed, these include runner type lawns such as Kikuyu and Couch varieties. Buffalo lawns can be treated but will require special consideration. Vertimowing is done with a special machine that removes the surface vegetation, allowing the roots to remain in the soil to regenerate the lawn, full coverage can be achieved in 3-4 weeks depending on weather conditions.

We service many suburbs south of the river and some north suburbs also. Contact John to discuss your vertimowing needs.